How a Real Estate Company Works

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Real estate is property that includes land and any buildings on it, as well as the

natural resources contained within a real estate boundary, such as water and crops.

Real estate professionals facilitate the buying and selling of real property by acting

as a middleman between the two parties to a transaction. Brokers, agents and

companies all make a profit off of these transactions through commissions. The

value of a property tends to rise over time, creating opportunities for real estate


A real estate company is comprised of a real estate broker and multiple real estate

agents. Brokers act as a liaison between the buyers and sellers of property, while

agents focus on marketing properties and working with clients to find them the best

deals. Real estate agents also have access to a wide range of homes and properties

for sale through the local multiple listing service (MLS). These MLS listings are

updated regularly, making it easy for agents to match up prospective home buyers

with available properties that meet their needs.


Many real estate agents also have an extensive network of contacts and connections

that they can call on to help their clients buy or sell property. These contacts are

often called their sphere of influence, and they are an essential source of leads for

an agent. Agents can develop a sphere of influence by attending community events,

networking and meeting new people, and through referrals from current and past

clients. To stay top of mind with their sphere, agents frequently follow up with their

contacts with periodic emails, phone calls, and regular mail.


While finding clients and closing sales are the primary tasks for a real estate agent,

they must also complete various administrative duties like writing contracts,

maintaining client records, scheduling appointments, and processing paperwork.

This can take a considerable amount of an agent’s day, which is why successful

agents often employ assistants to handle these responsibilities.


The real estate industry is competitive, and choosing the right brokerage can have a

significant impact on an agent’s immediate and long-term success. To make an

informed choice, agents should review the various brokerages in their area and

compare their commission plans, fees, and contracts. Also read


Depending on their career goals, real estate agents may choose to work

independently or as part of a team. Working with a team can be particularly

beneficial for new and inexperienced agents, as it can provide them with a mentor

and support system while they build their business. In addition, teams often offer

benefits like covered expenses and a share of their lead generation systems,

allowing agents to spend more time with clients and less on administrative tasks.




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